Dallas Arthritis Center

Caring For Patients With Rheumatic Diseases

Caring for Patients with Rheumatic Diseases

Diagnosis and Treatments

For the convenience of our patients, the most important rheumatologic laboratory tests are performed in the office by a licensed Medical Technologist under the supervision of a Board-Certified Laboratory Medical Director.

Extremity MRI Center

  • Unparalleled convenience. All exams are performed in an open machine. Only the limbs (elbows, wrists, hands, knees, ankles, feet) are scanned.
  • High-quality imaging allows an early diagnosis of inflammatory conditions even when blood tests and X-rays are normal.
  • Readings exclusively by a fellowship-trained musculoskeletal radiologist, specialized in rheumatic diseases.

Infusion Services

Patients who need infused medications will find the convenience of an infusion room with specialized personnel and Dr. Genta always present.